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Hikers Who Came Before Us on the Trans Canada Trail

Once we decided to undertake this journey, one of the first things we wanted to figure out was how long it would take us. Second, we also wanted to know whether it would make more sense to walk eastbound or westbound on the trails connecting St. John's, NL and Victoria, BC, and whether we wanted to walk or paddle the sections between Edmonton AB and Tuktoyaktuk, NT. There is no single guidebook for the entire Trans Canada Trail network to provide answers to these basic questions, so we began by investigating what the intrepid explorers who have hiked this route end-to-end before us have done. Kyle Pickering and Bobby McDowell walked large sections of the Trans Canada Trail together, hiking from west to east along 7,953 km of the pathway, and reaching Cape Spear NL in June 2006. According to their website it took them one year and five months to complete the hike. Dana Meise walked the entire length of the east to west portion of the trail, and then walked south to north, get