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Peaceful Stroll : Dobson Trail kilometer 10.8 to kilometer 27

We awoke this morning to the sounds of a pack of dogs barking and braying as they chased something down a little distance from our campsite.  Unfortunately their chase took them through our campsite which led to two of them tripping over the wires pegging our tent and tarp down.  Evidently hunting season has begun. When we emerged from the tent we discovered our trail Angel had already departed with the first light of day as she had planned. It was a sunny morning, but there was a definite nip in the air. As we washed up and packed down our site we were really quite chilled and eager for the sun to emerge. The irony wasn't lost on us when throughout the day we sought out patches of warmth along the trail. Only a few weeks ago we were seeking shade and silently cursing the relentless heat of shadeless roadways. We spent the day basking in another beautiful day on the Dobson Trail . Today it took us through stands of deciduous trees with bright red, yellow, orange and

The Dobson Trail : Dieppe to Dobson Trail kilometer 10.8

This morning arrived with cool temperatures and cloudy skies. Having spent yesterday largely resupplying, preparing for the Dobson Trail and discovering regional Acadian history reading about the Founding of the Younger Trahan Settlement we woke up today ready to get underway.   As we made our way along the shores of the Petitcodiac River there were many people out walking, running, and jogging on this Sunday morning. The Riverfront Trail is well landscaped, and there are many interpretive signs, memorial parks, and gardens along its length.           On one side is the city of Moncton, and on the other is a less developed tidal flat. We enjoyed the artwork along the path, as well as learning about the history of the early settlers and Acadians in the region.     As we crossed the Gunningsville Bridge, which gave us a panoramic view of the cityscape of Moncton, a Bald Eagle swooped low over our heads. Hopefully this was a good omen for the upcom