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"You're too tiny and small' : Being Questioned

Surprisingly my hiking partner and the expedition photographer, Sean Morton, has not posted many of the less flattering pictures he has taken of us over the years on the Camino de Santiago or from our venture across Canada.  So I thought I would take the opportunity this winter to share a few stories and unfortunate images from Canada's Great Trail over the past three years. The first here is of me on the Trans Canada Trail in Nova Scotia in 2019. By this point we had ventured about 50 days and 1200km crossing Newfoundland, and Cape Breton into Nova Scotia - marching straight into a heat wave. We were both exhausted and taking a break in the only shade that we could find after a 40+km road walk.  As you can tell from my face I was less than impressed with the fact that we had come to a loop in the trail at a time at which I would have done just about anything for a cold glass of water, an ice cold shower or a few minutes in air conditioning. Apparently despite his photographic ta