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Climate and Geography Along the Trans Canada Trail

As our preparations and planning to hike the entire Trans Canada Trail we continue we have researched the weather across the nation as a means of assessing which terminus to begin at, which direction to travel, and what our daily pace needs to be. In many cases when we have previously hiked we have sought to complete a entire trail before the winter began. However, given that the Great Trail is the longest recreational multi-use trail in the world at over 24,000 km, and its entire length cannot be traversed by hiking and paddling in a single year, there are a number of challenges we need to address. Our hope is that we can set a pace that will allow us to avoid or minimize the time we spend hiking in northern Ontario or the Prairies during the winter months, or in southwestern Ontario during the hottest months of the summer.  Given that we have set ourselves a 3 year time line to complete our trek from Ocean to Ocean to Ocean, we want to figure out where conditions will be most plea