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2020 : Taking the Path you are given, One Step at a Time

2020 : A Challenging Year At the end of each year many of us reflect, on what has happened, what we have lost, what we have gained.   We smile at the wonderful memories, and we cry over the pains that we have endured.   On some occasions, perhaps when remembering the breakdown of a relationship, the loss of a loved one, or a decision gone wrong we struggle.   Above all however we strive to make sense of what has gone on and to put things in order with the hope of starting anew with the turning of the coming year.   In reflecting on the past year it is easiest to say that we collectively endured.   2020 was challenging in different ways for all of us.   Yet how we responded, as individuals and as communities, was a reflection of our society, and who we are.   It also left us with the question – where do we go from here? In the past year, we have watched as wildfires, natural disasters, and environmental crisis continued at record levels.   Many have begun the important process of rel

INN24 : Magic is real, and it’s found on the Great Trail

The other day an amazing article was written by the talented Vicki Lee of INN24 !  We are so extremely grateful for the opportunity to share our story and some of our tales from the trail!  Vicki Lee's article and talent make our trek and adventure appear more polished than it actually is, but her focus on the amazing acts of Trail Magic that we have received and sources of support rightfully places our success on those wonderful individuals en route that have aided us!  Thank you so much!   The original article with pictures can be found at the link attached to the title. Magic is Real and it's Found on the Great Trail By Vicki A. Lee December 22, 2020    “It heard me rustle and above

For those new to Come Walk With Us

Recently and in the past year while trekking across the massive province of Ontario and into the beautiful wilds of Eastern Manitoba we have been fortunate to meet and chat with so many new people! In addition we have attracted a huge amount of attention to our message of getting youth connected to nature through Citizen Science and Nature. Given the number of new followers to our trek we have begun to receive a lot of new emails and messages requesting a link to our blog for Come Walk With Us so that people can read from the beginning in 2018 when we began our planning, chose our gear (so many changes this this moment), sold the house and set out from Cape Spear Newfoundland in 2019!    Here it is:  Come Walk With Us Blog.  From this link you can feel free to start at the beginning or navigate to a specific region whether your interests involve the trails of Newfoundland , Nova Scotia , Prince Edward Island , Quebec , Ontario, or Eastern Manitoba . For the remaining provinces y