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There is always Sacrifice, there is always Wonder : Baie-Saint-Paul

After a very short night with little sleep, we got up early, enjoyed a delicious breakfast of coffee and omelettes at the hotel, and then walked back to the train/bus station.  It was a warm, overcast morning, and the narrow, winding streets of Quebec City were full of people making their way to work.  A particular highlight was passing the Église Saint-Roch, which was constructed between 1914 and 1923 and is the largest church in Quebec City. Saint Roch is a Catholic Saint who is invoked against plague and epidemics and has gained veneration during the Covid 19 pandemic, but we have a soft spot for him, as he is also the patron saint of pilgrims.  Outside the imposing stone building, with its rose windows and double steeples was a shelter with several refrigerators where people left food for the homeless who gathered on the cathedral steps.   By late morning we boarded an Intercar bus headed not for the Charlevoix hills as we had hoped for but for the beautiful and historic town of