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A moment for the Trail Crews, Volunteers, and Trail Angels

As the hiking season gets into full swing with people already on the Triple Crown Trails or the Discovery Trail in the United States, on the various Caminos and GR trails across Europe, and with many more preparing to head out on the Bruce Trail , East Coast Trail , and Sunshine Coast Trail here in Canada – we thought it would be a good time to pause and send out a cosmic Thank you.   If you are anything like me you have likely spent weeks, months or even longer planning your trek this year and now that it is so much closer to being underway it is so easy to get caught up with those last minute preparations and planning.   Once you are off on the trail, it is similarly easy to get caught up in the excitement of trekking - walking the countryside, meeting new people, seeing new landscapes – or building your life list of birds! But all of this is only possible because of the Trail organizations who protect and organize everything, Volunteers who maintain the trai

Disconnecting to ReConnect

Recently a question has been playing around in my mind.   While reading about getting outdoors – whether in your backyard, in a local park, on a regional pathway, or along something like the Bruce Trail or Camino de Santiago – I have begun to wonder why some people choose activities such as walking, running, cycling, trekking or thru hiking when they seek a lifestyle change?   It seems to be a choice more and more people are making these days.  As life gets busier and busier, bills get higher and higher, and bank accounts get smaller and smaller – more of us seem increasingly dissatisfied.   However, as we all see regularly in the news – it seems that in response to these pressures many turn to opioids, alcohol, gambling, video games, or drugs.   Reports of the influences of the stresses and pressures of life – especially on millennial's – are now, sadly common place and frequent.   Yet – often not acknowledged is the fact that increasingly, in this hyper connected worl