Thursday, June 10, 2021

Extraordinary Letter of Encouragement....from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


Today I received an extraordinarily supportive letter from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.  Apparently my father as well as other supporters have written to the PMOs office detailing the message of my expedition advocating the need to support diversity in the outdoors and on the nations trails, my actions in Waterloo Ontario in 2020 as well as the subsequent levels of harassment and threats against my team. 


It is absolutely wonderful that the PMO has taken the time to acknowledge the contributions of my trek, now an RCGS expedition, on the Trans Canada Trail / Great Trail toward promoting diversity, accessibility and multiculturalism in the outdoors while striving to get youth engaged and connected to nature. 

His support for Canadian exploration and discovery as well as the absolute necessity that all people and especially youth are actively engaged in education, science, and environmental stewardship toward becoming community leaders who support positive change is amazing! I am very grateful and humbled for his encouragement and support. 


  1. Outstanding! Truly... I am so very, very impressed with the letter and the encouragement and feedback that you received.


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