A surprise Christmas Gift...

A great example of patience and perseverance as well as proof that anyone can change their mind. Last May when I announced to my parents that I was leaving my job, giving up everything I own including my house to walk across the country on the Trans Canada Trail the message was – to put it mildly – not well received.  I mean who leaves their job, their career, and home when things are going great?  My mother was so opposed to the concept that I was bluntly told that I was insane, and that to stop me she would go as far as calling my boss or breaking my legs.
Eight months and dozens of phone calls later we have found common ground.  As a wonderful kindergarten teacher at the Toronto Waldorf School she understands the need to get our nation’s youth back outdoors, get them hiking our trails and keep them interested in nature.  She also understands with so much negative news out there that we all have a role to play in creating our own hope and putting positive messages out there!  And so for this Christmas her gift (from an intelligent lady who never changes her mind) stunned me.....speechless. So much so, I have to share her Christmas gifts with you.....

Trans Canada Trail hikers gift.

See you on the trail!

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