Support from Canadian Ornithological Community!

We are thrilled to announce that ‘Come Walk With Us’ has been awarded a grant from the James L. Baillie Memorial Fund!!!    Established in 1976, in honour of Mr. James Baillie, an Assistant Curator in the Ornithology Department at the Royal Ontario Museum who devoted his life to the study of birds for almost half a century.   The focus of the Baillie Fund is to support amateur ornithological research as well as individuals and organizations that increase the understanding, appreciation, conservation and protection of Canadian birds in their natural environment.

This award reflects the type of support we are receiving from the Canadian Ornithological community and bird lovers across the nation!  We are deeply honoured to have been considered for and received this grant!  A real feather in our cap.

Mr. Baillie's enthusiasm and knowledge have inspired hundreds of naturalists to pursue the study of birds and their conservation for years.  We hope that our 24,000 km trek across Canada along The Great Trail geared towards getting youth outdoors, engaged with nature through birding, and focusing on their online time by becoming active Citizen Sciences will continue Mr. Baillie’s legacy and passion for ornithology by inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards!

See you on the trail….(hopefully with your binoculars on and at the ready!)

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