Friday, March 22, 2019


In talking with youth, famed investor and billionaire Warren Buffett, says ‘don’t ask people what they want, instead ask them what they are willing to sacrifice to achieve their goals’.  This is an apt and insightful commentary on what is necessary to pursue one’s dreams in life.  Today is a day of great sadness and happiness.   Aside from selling the house and car, and donating most of what I own, I have had to find new homes for my friends – my pets.  I was fortunate that I was able to find homes for 2 of my cats in British Columbia and was able to relocate them last week.  However, my final cat, a noble and loving creature is older, has a bad eye, is FIV positive, and is rather undignified looking.  This wonderful soul showed up on my door three years ago in the midst of a -40 snow storm.  Given the conditions, the only answer was to invite him into the household.  He has filled the home with love and personality since then.  Yet given his age and his rather tough looking exterior it has been a struggle to find a home for him to move to.  Today I am excited to say that Simcoe Animal Hospital contacted me to tell me that they had found him a place to move to!  I am so eternally grateful to the Veterinarians and their staff for the years of caring for my friends and for helping me get through one of the last great – and perhaps the hardest – hurdle I had to face.  And so today, while I am glad he has a new home to go to, it has been very hard to watch one of my constant companions go in a new direction in life.  All endeavours require sacrifice....I have no illusions that this will be the last one I will make on this trek, but it has been very hard nonetheless.

Please support your local animal hospitals and rescue services.  They are wonderful and often unrecognized heroes in our communities.

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