Friday, June 5, 2020

Time to listen, reflect and learn - while the voices and experiences of society are Amplified

For the last week we have stopped our posts - except for those in support of diversity in the outdoors. We have done this out of respect for those whose voices need to be amplified and heard, as well as learned from.

In the absence of posting our regular blogs and trail images we have taken the time to reflect and listen. We also hope that the messages of inclusion, diversity, and change have been received. These are challenging times and such periods require not only the understanding of everyone and the willingness to acknowledge how we can improve, but require everyone to take action. Central to our #hike4birds has been promotion of diversity in the outdoors with the hope that people come to recognize that nature is a safe space for everyone regardless of their race, ethnicity, creed, culture, or identity. 

We are at a critical moment and must not allow the most recent events of injustice to simply become the next series of news cycles, memes, and online posts which are simply liked and retweeted.  Just as our voices and actions can change the world, so too does the silence of so many speak volumes.  In action and indifference are no longer options.

I know, that I am able to hike safely across Canada in large part because of my whiteness and the privilege that carries. However, we both intend to use that unearned position to amplify the necessary message of inclusion in every community we visit from coast to coast to coast.
There is diversity in nature and nature needs our diversity.

Please continue to take this time to learn from those whose experiences many of us have not had. Together we can move forward to a greater society.

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