Come Walk With Us : New Store and Cards!

As we exist and continue west without Sponsorship we are trying some new ways this year to help cover the expense of our trek in 2020.  Best of all ordering any of these card sets means one less trip to the busy malls and stores this season!

New items for Come Walk With Us have arrived! This means that there are new ways for people to sponsor our ongoing #hike4birds across Canada on the Trans Canada Trail.

Today we are releasing 4 sets of cards! Each set contains 6 cards! Choose from our Hiking Set (signs and inspiration for trekkers), our Birding set (avian sightings and photographs taken along The Great Trail), our Wildlife set (including porcupines, black bears, deer, and insets along the Great Trail), and our Landscape series  (with settings from Newfoundland to Manitoba!)

Check out examples below and check out our website for other cards !

See you on the trail!

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