Monday, March 15, 2021

Eh Canada Travel Show - Free Live Talk online on March 16, 2021

Ever wonder about hiking the trail of a lifetime?  Or venturing along the world’s longest path that stretches 27,000 km from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic?  

Or perhaps you've thought of Birding across Canada ... and I mean all of Canada?  Whether you are new to birding, consider yourself a life lister or just love watching birds on the feeder then this talk is for you!

Since 2019 I have trekked almost 7000 km from Cape Spear Newfoundland to Winnipeg Manitoba and en route I have had a ton of amazing experiences! (and I still have 2 more years of hiking to go!) 

Along the way I have been hiking, exploring, blogging and photographing the nation for anyone to see and enjoy.   To attempt and pay for this 4 year hike I sold my house, donated my possessions, and put my career on hold with the goal of encouraging Canadians to get back outside and connect to nature as well as strive to get youth to explore nature in their own backyards and along trails near them! 

Fewer people have undertaken and completed the Great Trail, the world’s longest pathway, on foot than have gone to the moon.  

Have ever thought of venturing on Newfoundland’s beautiful East Coast Trail, along Cape Breton’s Celtic Shores Trail, across Nova Scotia, around PEI on the amazing Confederation Trail, onto New Brunswick’s challenging Fundy Footpath, across the rugged shores of Ontario’s Casque Isles Trail or wondered what it would be like to explore Manitoba’s incomparable Whitehshell Provincial Park?  If so this adventure might of interest! 

In addition to talking about Canada’s Great Trail we will be talking about birds, birdwatching, and all the amazing wildlife that can be seen in Canada from your backyard to the boreal! 

So whether you are new to the outdoors, interested in hiking, an expert looking for that next big adventure or are a birder this talk and Q&A session is for you!  Any questions you have about the Great Trail (formerly the Trans Canada Trail), getting into hiking, gear selections, or about birding, birding hotspots, and how to help out your local birds - everyone is free to join in and ask! 

Come find why Canada’s trails and natural areas are the places that we should all be exploring next!

Join me, Sonya Richmond and the hosts of the Eh Canada Travel Talk Show - the engaging brothers Greg and Colin Girard this coming Tuesday March 16th, 2021 on Canada's EH? Travel Talk Show!

 Explore * Discover * Experience …. Canada!

HOW TO WATCH (Eh Canada Travel Website

(1) Just before 7 PM (pst) (11:30 pm Newfoundland, 11 pm Maritime, 10 pm Ontario) on Tuesday go to our @ehcanadatravel Facebook or You Tube page.
(2) At 7 PM our live show will pop up in the scrolling stream automatically and start playing.
(3) Introduce yourself, comment and/or just tune in.

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