Friday, June 10, 2022

Broadview Press Article on the Camino de Santiago, Reconnecting to Nature and Birding

We are excited to share an amazing article on our 28,000km #hike4birds across the nation on the Trans Canada Trail.  The talented Rhiannon Russell recently reached out to us to chat about our time on the Camino de Santiago, the spirituality of hiking and connecting to nature, as well as decisions we have made on our trek across Canada since 2019.

We are both really excited by the results of our interviews with her and are immensely thankful to Broadview Press ! 

As we hike towards Ottawa we are now keeping our eyes open at newsstands to find a copy!  

In the mean time the following link will take you to the digital version of the article:

A huge thanks to the Whitehorse based Rhiannon Russell for the great job!



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