Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Great Trail: A Hike ... or a Paddle near you!

Did you know that the nation’s Great Trail, formerly the Trans Canada Trail, crosses 13 provinces and territories and spans 24,000 km in length?    In addition, it traverses Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic Oceans, incorporates over 400 community trails, and goes through 15,000 communities meaning that 80% of Canadians live within 30 minutes of the pathway.  All of this means that whether you know it or not the Great Trail or a pathway connected to it, and is likely near you!  It also means that you are connected to other Canadians, other hikers, runners, cyclists, paddlers, and outdoor enthusiasts from coast to coast to coast!  How amazing is that for so many Canadians, so many cultures, and so many landscapes to be connected?  Much like the train lines of the last century, there is something inherently romantic and inspiring to realize that so many of us are connected by a thin pathway which runs over such a distance.

When the idea of hiking the Great Trail began for us we were surprised to discover that a portion of it came right through our own town!  It might seem silly not to have be aware beforehand but I suspect that our situation is similar of many others.  As an unassuming pathway, it is entirely possible that many residents of communities across the country just don’t realize that it is in their neighbourhoods and so close by!  I think it is wondrous to realize that this path is sitting there waiting for all of us to discover the possibilities of our communities, and nature on it. 

To find out more about the Great Trail check out ESRI’s wonderful mobile APP which allows you to explore the pathway, plan your trek, or keep track of your progress!  Having used this now along Newfoundland’s beautiful East Coast Trail, and throughout Ontario we highly recommend you download a copy today and discover the Great Trail in your region!

As always, remember that come June 2019 we will begin our trek together and rediscover Canada as we trek and explore along the world’s longest pathway, the Great Trail.   

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