Monday, October 11, 2021

Trans Canada Trail in Manitoba - in 2 Seconds a Day

On our 4-year #hike4birds across Canada on the 28,000 km long Trans Canada Trail, we trekked just over 1,700 km in 45 days while crossing Manitoba. 
En route we cross through the beautiful Whiteshell Provincial Park, the amazing communities of Pinawa, Lac du Bonnett, and Powerview. Took a night off in Bird Hill Provincial Park, explored the forks of Winnipeg, and became pilgrims on the Crow Wing Trail / Chemin St-Paul and visited St. Malo, Manitoba 
 Canada ! We walked the US-Canadian border to Emerson, spent an amazing night in Wakerobin, and enjoyed time in Morden !
Of the course our time in Manitoba we would trek through floods, washed out trails, struggle through thick prairie mud, and venture for more than 14 days in +45 degree heat during a drought. All in all it was amazing!

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