Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Words of Wisdom from Saskatchewan

As with each province and community we visit we learn something, become more informed, pick up a new perspective and invariably leave as better individuals.  Saskatchewan was a province like any other – in its unique natural beauty, its amazing people, and the possibilities for us to see the nation in a new light.

From the day we entered Saskatchewan at Duck Mountain Provincial Park we have been graced with amazing kindness, supportive encouragement, and amazing natural beauty!

Ultimately we would trek more than 1300km of the Trans Canada Trail in Saskatchewan through amazing provincial parks, across RMs and rural communities, and around the urban centers of Yorktown, Regina, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, North Battleford.  Owing to our own exhaustion we would in fact spend more time in a single city – Saskatoon – than in any other place since starting the Trans Canada Trail in 2019.  So as you can imagine we have a special place for the province of Saskatchewan in our hearts!

In the process of venturing across the province on the indirect route of the TCT we would travel west, south, east, and north - before again turning west again toward Alberta. 

There is no denying that for us, the pace of the prairies is a hard one for two people who are city born to get used to – but in learning to slow down, take in each moment, and to spend time with others chatting we were able to learn a great deal and pick up a lot of wisdom from around the province.  As such, in our usual tradition we strive to pass on what we have learned to remind all Canadians of the importance of each region, its historical development, its cultural diversity, unique perspective and the valuing of learning from one another.

“When you are frustrated you can only do two things. You can scream into the wind and get nowhere or can keep doing your thing, and hold your head high.”

If you have time to complain, you have time to fix the problem. Stay calm, this too will pass.

You can't be prepared for everything.  You can do your best to be ready but sometimes it is up to the gods – and they are fickle.

Trees are wonderful - they give you shade in the summer and break the wind in the winter.

“Life is all backwards these days.  People are living in offices and killing themselves working to buy stuff like RVs and boats that they then never get a chance to use.  All they get are debts and headaches trying to impress their neighbours who are also racing around buying stuff to try to impress others too. World is all messed up because we are all messed up.” 

“Quality of life only exists so long as we don’t work so much that there is no joy”

Accept help when it is offered, offer help when you can 

“Learn to live with uncertainty, you can't control everything...”

“They will never understand the trials of a freedom seeking person....”

Hike More, Worry Less 

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