Saturday, November 13, 2021

WInner - UWN Inspiration Award !!!!

I am humbled beyond belief to receive the prestigious “Inspire Award” from the Universal Women’s Network !!!  For three years, since selling my house and giving up my career to follow my passionate belief that outreach needed to be undertaken community to community from coast to coast to coast I have been striving to advocate Positive Change one step at a time! 

In the past year I have been honoured to lead a Royal Canadian Geographical Society Expedition along the Trans Canada Trail promoting Diversity in the Outdoors, Accessibility to Nature and striving to inspire Youth to reconnect with Nature through Birding and Citizen Science.  

Our goal has been to advocate diversity, inclusion, and accessibility to the outdoor while working to inspire others to disconnect to reconnect to nature through Citizen Science and Birding!

I could not have succeeded in trekking more than 10,000 km exploring Canada without the help of so many Canadians across the nation as well as the assistance of RCGS and aid of Eh Canada Travel!

While we have already come so far, shared so much, and are receive such a positive response across the nation the fact is that we still have so much further to go!  This past year despite the delays brought on by Covid and provincial boarder closures has been one of the most challenging and expensive as we have completed three rounds of mandated Provincial Quarantines in hotels, ventured on foot across the beautiful Canadian prairies and then returned to Quebec hike in the fall.  Yet now we are exactly where we needed to be as in 2021 we will hike to the the Pacific Coast and in 2022 we are privileged to be able to explore the Arctic and northern regions of this great nation!

We invite all Canadians – no matter your athletic ability, economic status, religion, race, orientation to …Come Walk With Us as we learn more about our nation!

Thank you once again for this amazing honour!  Never forget this is YOUR NATION, the outdoors are YOUR NATURE, and the TRANS CANADA TRAIL IS YOUR TRAIL!

Great things are possible one step at a time !


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