Connecting to your friends and family ... through Birding

One of the top critiques people have today focus on their desire to be able to spend more time with their friends and families and more time talking and enjoying moments with their families.  So why not try something new?

Sonya Richmond bird walk Trans Canada Trail.Consider when your children want to head out and play Pokemon Go or when you get outdoors and go Geocaching why not go as a group and check out some of your neighbourhood birds? The same drives that pull us binge-watch entire TV shows, to find and collect Geocaches, and to search for Pokemon are what pull birders everyday across the country to the outdoors!  The need to search, discover, collect, and of course engage in friendly competition are all at the heart of birding! 

Remember when we were all children how wonderful it felt to be outside?  How peaceful the woods are?  How great it is to hear birds sing or feel the sun on your face?  How many of us remember being happy – inside and out – just because we were relaxing in the outdoors?  All of that can be had again by just stepping outside, taking a few minutes off line, getting away from the office, and enjoying time with your friends and family in your own neighbourhood!  

You don’t need expensive binoculars or cameras to enjoy birding, you don’t need dense guidebooks,   and you certainly don’t need to be a professional –to love the wild spaces in your neighbourhood.  You just need to get outdoors and bring your friends and family with you!

Birds are wonderful, they get us outdoors, they are all around us, they provide us with a connection to nature, they are around all year, they are free to watch, they don’t expect anything out of you and they don’t judge you (even if you don’t know their names).  For all of these reasons birding is great fun as well as being an easy and accessible way to enjoy time with your friends and family while you re-connect.   

Sonya Richmond Bird Research and Studies.

Some of my favourite memories are from times I spent outside with friends, on research crews, and with my family!  So, as the weather warms up this year, be sure to get outside and make birding part of your routine!

See you on the trail!

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