Thursday, January 10, 2019

Fitbit or Birdband?

So...for the holidays, under the idea that I am a math nerd (which I am) I was given a Fitbit.  I began wearing it the day after Christmas with the idea that I would get to track my activity (or lack of), track what I ate, and calculate all of my achievements.  Three weeks later – after being awoken to my wrist buzzing in the middle of the night, and getting updates that my activity level has dropped – I have come to believe that my Fitbit is a form of cosmic justice for all of those birds I unthinkingly tagged, tracked and studied for years.    Somewhere in this world is a Grosbeak or a Snowy Owl laughing in a nest researching me and thinking “yep see how you like it...”, wondering “why does she eat so much ice cream all the time and sit at a desk all day?” or trying to understand “how you can migrate on a treadmill that never seems to get you anywhere.”  Knowing so much about myself has not been the insightful experience I once hoped for.  And the minor differences between a Fitbit and Birdband make the scenario all that much more unnerving. We will see how long I allow this to continue.....

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