Come Walk With Us joins The Trek!

Trans Canada Trail the Trek blog.
We are thrilled to announce that The Trek, a site dedicated to helping hikers, offering advice for trekkers, and promoting the exploration of our wild spaces, has agreed to host our blog at the outset of our adventure across Canada (Come Walk With Us)!  While traditionally a hub for American hikers on the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail – also known as the Triple Crown – we have been fortunate to be offered a chance to showcase Canada’s Great Trail and our love for nature through birding!   This is particularly thrilling for us as it effectively gives us access to an audience of over 250, 000 dedicated outdoor enthusiasts – a real coup for two wandering Canadians who want to  inspire as many people as possible to rediscover their local trails, engage with nature through birding, and  to become lifelong stewards of the environment. 

The Trek is an amazing site dedicated to spotlighting the adventures of outdoors enthusiasts and thru-hikers alike.  In the past it has served as a central point of reference for us as a source for gear reviews, hiking advice and information on how to better prepare for long distance hikes.  In other words, to be included in their blogging forum of intrepid hikers is very cool and extraordinarily exciting!  Be sure to check out their website and enjoy the adventures highlighted there!

More details to follow as we continue to build to our departure date in June, but each day now brings more exciting news!  
See you on the trail!

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