Briden Solutions of Calgary Alberta

It should come of little surprise to anyone that long distance trekking requires purchasing a lot of food and that these supplies have to be long lasting and light weight.  Perhaps the best solution to this challenge rests in supplying yourself with freeze dried and dehydrated camping meals.  However purchasing individual packets through outdoors retailers can often be very costly and can be hard to locate as you trek.    With these needs and realities in mind, we decided that the key to our hike across Canada on the Trans Canada Trail was going to be locating a company that could help us with these types of supplies and whose ideals fit with our own.  Repeatedly Briden Solutions either came up or was mentioned to us as a great company we should check out.

They have a large range of food products, meal options, could advise us, and offered inexpensive (and sometimes free) shipping!  To any thru trekkers or hikers who have not heard of Briden Solutions you need to check them out!  Briden Solutions are an established family owned business in Calgary Alberta who have traditionally help Canadians be prepared for natural disasters by offering long term supply packages necessary for survival.  In the past this company has aided Albertans amid regional floods and fires as well as those in need around the world.  This means they are literally dedicated to helping people in need.

They offer a huge selection of emergency and packaged foods carrying a range of options which include noted backpacker foods by Mountain House, Backpackers Pantry, Datrex, Chief Mountain Harvest, Nutristore, and Chef’s Banquet!  In other words this company checks all the boxes for what we were looking for in sponsors for our trek!  As such, some time ago we approached them and yesterday we got the most courteous and encouraging email back from them agreeing to help us out by sponsoring our trek!  This makes Briden Solutions our newest sponsor!

Not only is their sponsorship wonderful news for us (VERY VERY MUCH SO!), but the range of supplies they can offer means that their generous sponsorship provides us with the means to ensure we have fruit and vegetables along the trail (I CAN’T TELL YOU HOW EXCITING THIS IS) – enormously expanding our anticipated diet and providing a huge amount of relief addressing questions of supply and diversity in our daily meals! 

So, while there is still much to be figured out and the days are ticking by very quickly now, we are so excited to announce that we are being sponsored and helped out by Dwight and Kristen of Briden Solutions on our hike across Canada from Coast to Coast to Coast on the Trans Canada Trail!  Thank you so much!
See you on the trail!

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