Friday, May 31, 2019

Explore Canada, it's the natural thing to do!

Perhaps the clearest argument every put forward by a great Canadian to get out and explore the nation, and enjoy its natural spaces comes from Rick Mercer!  For years he has been a source of humour, human interest, and Canadiana in my household.  In 2015 he visited Bird Studies Canada highlighting the wonderful work done in Long Point and other bird banding stations across the country.   I thought that today I would take a moment to share (what to me) is one of his best rants and pieces of advice (as well as one that profoundly influenced me).  Rick Mercer’s Last Rant.

“…. the best part? … Hands down it’s the travel. I don’t know if we are the greatest country on Earth, but I know this—we’re the best looking.

And I also know in my heart of hearts, we would be better, stronger, and more unified if more Canadians could make it their business to see more of Canada. And I know it’s not easy. Not everyone has the resources to travel to see the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia or the foothills of Alberta; or to go up the Saguenay River in Quebec. And if you don’t, if you can’t make the big trips, make the small trips in your own backyard. I guarantee you, it is awesome.

And if you do have the means, either now or in the future, skip the trip to Florida, explore a part of Canada you’ve never seen or better yet, promise yourself that you will stand above the tree line before you die. You will not regret it.

We all know we’re a great country. But it’s not enough to just know it. Do yourself, your family, Canada a favour. Go out there and see it.”
Rick Mercer, Final Rant, April 10, 2018

On June 1st, we intend to follow Mr. Mercer’s advice, and go see Canada….all of you are of course invited to follow along online, live our trek across the country, bask in its vastness, and fall in love with its natural beauty. But more than that, we hope to meet as many of you as possible when we are out there over the next three years, whether on the trail, talking in your school, or online….

As Canadians we are a very fortunate people in a beautiful country…

Remember this is YOUR country, so get out and see it!

See you on the trail…

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