People ask me why I have transformed my passion for the outdoors into a trek across the country on the Trans Canada Trail to get youth connected with nature and interested in birding.  My only answer is that it is in nature that I am restored and I flourish.   More than that I believe, I truly believe, that by pursuing our own flourishing we are contributing to the flourishing of others, society and nature. 
Nature makes itself flourish and if you are around it you too begin to flourish. 

Simply put, I want us all to flourish...

Through exploring nature each of us can be more dynamic, more creative, more artistic, more innovative, and more like our true selves.  In nature we are more self aware, we are kinder to one another, and we regain our compassion and empathy for those around us.  In nature we all flourish...

Bird songs are the sounds of spring and the sound of renewal that we all recognize from coast to coast to coast.

We all have an attachment to nature and to birds, I simply hope to reconnect people back to what they already long to be part of.

See you on the trail!

Remember to follow our entire adventure here : www.comewalkwithus.online

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