Reach the World Show and Tell - May 29th at 2pm Eastern!!

On May 29th, 2020 (tomorrow at 2pm Eastern Time) we will be giving a brief Show and Tell of our first year on The Great Trail as we trekked through Canada's beautiful maritime provinces!

This short talk will highlight some of the amazing parks, landscapes, wildlife and birds that we have seen along the way. We are going to talk about each province we visited as well as showing everyone how to connect with nature through Citizen Science on your cell phones!

I collaboration with Reach the World this talk is geared towards youth and students - so teachers, grandparents, parents, young explorers, naturalists, and of course anyone interested are invited to join in and ask any questions you might have. 
Are you curious to know what we have seen? Wonder what it would be like to hike across Canada? Want to know how many species of birds she has found? Join the live-stream event to ask your questions and learn more!
This will be a 30-minute event. So we'll talk for the first 15 minutes to "show and tell" and during the  second half we will be answering questions from the YouTube live-stream audience. The live-stream is open to any interested viewers!

The direct YouTube like is:
See you on the trail!

Remember to follow our entire adventure here :