Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Songbirding Podcast with Rob Porter!

Sometime ago we had the wonderful opportunity to walk and talk with Rob Porter along The Great Trail in Hamilton Ontario and Dundas, Ontario. Rob is the Host, Producer & Editor of Canada's amazing Songbirding Podcast!

To listen to the Podcast of our walk and talk with Rob Porter check out this link!

For those interested in Birding, and the outdoors, whether you are an emerging or veteran birder looking to test and build upon your birdsong identification skills or someone who appreciates the natural world, this unique series will bring you as close as you can get to birding in the field without going anywhere.

Season 1, "The Bruce Peninsula" was recorded in July of 2019, in the peak of songbird breeding season.
Season 2, "Midsummer" was recorded in July and August of 2019, in southern Ontario.
Season 3, "Spring of Solitude" was recorded in spring of 2020, in southern Ontario.
Check this Canadian birding podcast out and enjoy!

A huge thanks for the great day and wonderful podcast!

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