Sunday, December 5, 2021

Women Driving Change Book Publication !!!

Today I received a copy of Monica Kretschmer's Women of inspire : Women Driving Change book.  This publication highlights the fact that every woman has a story.  This book includes over 100 inspiring, resilient and influential women from diverse backgrounds share their stories, paths to success and their wisdom.  This publication is a tribute to inspirational woman across Canada! 

These women are everyday heroes and role models, female entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries, thought leaders who inspire us to forge ahead, take the road less travelled, and dream big!

I am was also honoured to discover that I and the Come Walk With Us Expedition across Canada on the Trans Canada Trail have been included!

Moreover when I looked up this publication I was stunned to discover  the reach of this amazing book as it has been named a # 1 Best Seller on Amazon in three categories including : #1 Motivational Self-Help, #1 Leadership in Business Management, and #1 Business Leadership!
So honoured!


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