Wednesday, December 29, 2021

10,000 km of the Trans Canada Trail - Reading Your Way Across Canada!

10,000km from Cape Spear Newfoundland to the Saskatchewan-Alberta Border 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to trek across Canada or the world's longest recreational footpath - the 27,000 km long Trans Canada Trail / Great Trail ?  Curious to know what it is like to drop everything, sell your house, donate everything you own, and quit your job to go from desk to quest?  

As of 2021 we have now ventured 10,000 km on the TCT from Cape Spear Newfoundland to the Saskatchewan-Alberta Border with just a little more than 3500 km left to go before we get to the Pacific Coast and another 4,000+ km to venture before we get to the Arctic Ocean! 

So if you are curious what a particular section of the TCT looks like?  Is like to trek or cycle along, or what it would be like to walk from coast to coast to coast then these blogs are for you!

We have received a number of emails from people who have just started to follow along or who have been asking where to find our blogs from 2018, 2019, 2020 and now 2021 during our first few years on The Trans Canada Trail / Great Trail.   

As such, we are posting links to our blog entries by section and province.  

Feel free to share this post, any of the links, any blog entry and to enjoy the thousands of pictures that have been posted over the years!  It is privilege to be able to venture, learn and share Canada with Canadians.   

If you are a teacher or member of a nature group and have an interest in us giving a free talk on our trek across Canada, Citizen Science, and Birding to your classroom or organization please feel free to contact us at :

For anyone interested our website is: Come Walk With Us ( where you can sign up for the daily blog when we set back out heading west to the Pacific and later north to the Arctic!

Thank you to everyone for following along and we hope you enjoy our fourth year when we set out in 2022!

Decisions and Preparations for Hiking The Great Trail / Trans Canada Trail

East Coast Trail (first 300+ km of The Great Trail in Newfoundland)

Newfoundland, beginning The Great Trail in 2019 (Cape Spear to Channel-Port aux Basques)


Cape Breton, 2019 (North Sydney Ferry terminal to Nova Scotia)

Nova Scotia, 2019 (Cape Breton to Halifax to PEI Ferry)

Prince Edward Island, 2019 (Ferry terminal to Confederation Bridge)

New Brunswick, 2019 (PEI's Confederation Bridge to the NB-Quebec border)


Into Quebec, 2019 (Edmunston NB to Riviere Du Loup QC)

Continuing Quebec 2021 (Ville de Baie-Saint-Paul to Montreal)

Ontario, 2020 (Quebec-Ontario border to Ontario-Manitoba border)

Eastern Manitoba, 2020 (Falcon Beach, MB to Winnipeg, MB)

Western Manitoba 2021 (Winnipeg, MB to Saskatchewan border)

Saskatchewan 2021 (Manitoba-Saskatchewan border to Saskatchewan-Alberta border)

A huge thanks to everyone across Canada who has followed, liked, read along, and supported this trek from coast to coast to coast.  As of 2021 we have now trekked 10,000 km from Cape Spear Newfoundland to the Saskatchewan-Alberta border, given over 100 free presentations to school classrooms, nature groups, hiking clubs and interested associations, posted more than 700 blogs and thousands of images from our time on the trail and been covered in media across the world in 5 languages!  Thank you for supporting diversity in the outdoors, accessibility to nature and for helping us encourage youth to connect with nature through Citizen Science and Birding!  

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