Monday, August 26, 2019

Musquodoboit Harbour

We spent today working, uploading blog entries, getting ready for tomorrow's presentation, coordinating future talks, and doing laundry. Some days we feel like we aren't making much progress, and that as winter approaches we should be moving forward and covering more kilometers, not sitting still. On these days it is hard to remember that the reason we are out here is to inspire and encourage others to connect to nature through birding, and that to do this we need to take the necessary time to share our message. Today was one of those days.

That is not to say that Musquodobit Harbour isn't beautiful.  The harbour is lovely, and it is surrounded by beautiful, landscaped properties, many of which have docks with sailboats.

We spent the morning doing chores and catching up.  Afterwards Sean was fortunate enough to be able to photograph parts of a local resort, doing what he loves most finding patterns and beauty in the everyday.

In the afternoon we explored the community of Musquodoboit Harbour. We visited the Dobbit Bakery, which had a fantastic smelling and looking selection of breads, pastries, and coffees. The blondie squares were delicious!


After that we walked over to the railway museum. There we saw artifacts from the old Canadian Pacific and Canadian National Railways. These included conductor's uniforms, railway China, playing cards, railway spikes, posters, photographs, and more. There was also a model railway inside, and several railway carriages outside, one of which we could go inside, and which was filled with information on the Great Trail and Musquodoboit Trailway Section.


The Musquodoboit Trail / Great Trail ran behind the museum. Seeing the transition from railway line to trail was like watching the evolution of rails to trails in action.


On the grounds around the museum were also a number of rail cars which took the time to explore and admire.

After our museum visit we walked through town, past the local brewery, to the Uprooted Market and Cafe. We enjoyed a coffee in the warm atmosphere of this colourful market which offered lots of local and organic products. This community has lots of creative and artistic elements which are wonderful to see and experience.

In the afternoon the temperature dropped and a cold, hard rain began to fall. We stayed out of the rain and worked as much as we could. Unfortunately the rain continued until after the only two places in town to get dinner were closed. Tonight we are cold, hungry, and somewhat frustrated by our lack of progress. Hopefully tomorrow will bring sunshine, interesting birds, and better spirits.

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