Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Charlottetown: A day of resupply and mapping New Brunswick

Today was one of those days that seems to have slipped away on us. It began with a delicious breakfast Bryson left for us that consisted of overnight oatmeal. Unlike our instant oatmeal, this was made with almond milk, and contained raisins, walnuts, and fresh blueberries. It certainly was delicious.

After breakfast Bryson very kindly drove us in to town to collect the much anticipated resupply boxes that contained our winter gear. It turned out that we hadn't addressed the boxes quite correctly, but we were grateful to learn that the wonderful postmistress at the Confederation Mall Shopper's Drug Mart had realized the boxes were for travellers and had gone way out of her way to ensure they were delivered and waiting for us. In future we will use the Flex Delivery option to avoid further difficulties.  We left feeling enormously grateful for her efforts.

With two gigantic boxes in tow, Bryson very kindly returned us home to unpack and sort out our gear. The sleeping bags and down jackets certainly were a welcome sight! My parents had also enclosed an enormous quantity of food and other treats. Their generosity and kindness cannot be underestimated, and we greatly appreciated it!

Since we had too much food to carry, and some of it was the highly prized Backpacker Pantry meals which are light weight and tasty, we decided to mail some of it forward for consumption on the Fundy Footpath. To do this properly we had to figure out where our resupply points will be in New Brunswick, and where we should mail the supplies to. This turned out to be rather more complicated than we had anticipated since we will be facing some technically more challenging terrain and had to estimate how long it will take us to navigate it.  About three hours later we had things mapped out, our summer gear boxed up to send back to my parents, and our box of supplies ready to mail forward.

We headed back out, our arms full of rather heavy boxes, aiming for a "closer" post office. We didn't have any hands free to consult Google Maps on the phone as we went, so we ended up taking our boxes for a round about walk through town before mailing them from the same post office at which we picked them up.

Slightly frustrated, we decided to do some more exploring without the the heavy boxes. We visited a lovely cafe and enjoyed a warm mug of coffee, visited the Anne of Green Gables Chocolate Shop, and explored the downtown.

In the evening Bryson and Sue kindly took us to dinner at one of their favourite Indian Restaurants. It was a wonderful meal, and a lovely evening spent in good company, dis using past Camino hikes, and the potential for developing a Canadian Camino here on PEI.

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  1. Aw! Can't wait to hear how you make out on the Fundy trek! Sounds amazing - and difficult too!


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