More Bird Walks, More Bird Talks : Wolfville to Annapolis Royal

Today was a warm sunny day, filled mostly with travel. We spent much of the morning sitting on a shady patch of grass in the park, and then boarded a bus for Annapolis Royal. Although the distance between communities is only about 100 km, it took quite some to get there by public transit.

When we arrived we had a few hours before our bird talk. We took the time to walk through the grounds of the Fort Anne National Historic Site, and to figure out where the amphitheatre was that we were to present in. This turned out to be a beautiful spot outside of Town Hall, with a view out over the Annapolis River towards Port Royal.

Our talk was organized with the help of the town of Annapolis Royal and the Clean Annapolis River Project. CARP is a charitable, community-based NGO dedicated to conserving the ecological integrity of the Annapolis River Watershed and wetlands. Its work ranges from environmental monitoring, to public education, to habitat restoration. We would like to thank Katie for all her help in organizing, setting up, and advertising our talk. We greatly appreciate all the hard work!


We had an enthusiastic group of around 15 people attend our talk, including a couple of young people. We were delighted to learn that some of them were already enthusiastic birders!

After the talk we accompanied Jan and Rey to a local venue to listen to some live music. Jan has hiked many trails around the world, and both of them are adventurers, so it was an evening of interesting conversation, good company, and lovely music.

See you on the trail!

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