Monday, September 9, 2019

Words of Wisdom from The Great Trail in Cape Breton and Nova Scotia


In continuing our tradition of noting the lessons we learned on the trail we present some of comments which people made to us which resonated or which stuck while we hiked. 

(1) When the weather is good it is a good day, can’t ask for more, can’t expect more.  Just enjoy it for what it is.
(2) Bears won’t bother you, they are just curious and only attack when agitated....same as people I guess.

(3) There are always going to be reasons to give up, always going to be reasons not to go on, but as long as you have YOUR reason to keep going, then keep going.  Everyone else just has opinions and they are willing to give you the easy way out, they’ll give you all the excuses you would ever need.  What matters is what your reasons are to keep going, not the legions of opinions around you.

(4) Life is simpler than you think, but life is also harder than you think

(5) Be respectful, even when you disagree

(6) Be Kind, Be Respectful, and Be Charitable...

(7) We all need to told hold ourselves to the highest standard, not the lowest excuse.

(8) If you need to be online while enjoying nature, you're missing the point.

(9) Listen to those more experienced than you - you'll learn a lot.

(10) Be honest in life, be honest with people, but above all be honest with yourself.

(11) Unless someone is willing to say it to your face then don't worry about what they spout online

(12) The world is nowhere near as bad as the news suggests and people are greater than you realize.  Too many people are making too much money and trying to make themselves too popular making everyone think the world is crummy.  But it isn't, the world is wonderful, we just forgot to remember that. 

(13) Everything today seems to be done for money.  Kids moving away to university to get jobs to get money, then they wastin their lives and tossing out their dreams to chase money, neighbours moving across the country all for money, and governments cutting all the important things, all supposedly for money.  I don’t know, I worked my whole life and don’t have a lot of money, but I gotta lot.  You know what I mean?  Once you have what you need, you don’t need money.  
Take care, and hopefully we'll see you all on the trail soon....

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