Under a Rainbow : Gros Morne National Park - Day 1

Today was a lazy day, where we enjoyed sleeping in a little, and being inside the cabin. We heated water for breakfast on the stove, and then did some writing, enjoying the view from the covered porch. 

Around mid-morning we headed out on the Bakers Brook Falls trail, which is located close to the Berry Hill campground. This trail is a 10 km loop that takes hikers through a variety of habitats, including spruce bogs, areas of regeneration, and a high alpine meadow, and it ends at the large and very impressive Baker's Falls. Much of the trail is boardwalk, and the vistas alternate between the snow-capped peaks of the Long Range mountains, coastal meadows leading to the Atlantic Ocean, and more enclosed forest. It was an interesting and beautiful hike.

For unknown reasons we both seemed to lack energy today, so after our hike we bought a bundle of firewood and returned to sit beside the fire in the cabin. We attempted to work on our presentation, but found ourselves unproductive. It seems a break was in order, and we couldn't have found ourselves in a better spot for it.

As we were making dinner, nature put on a show for us that cannot be matched. As the sun set the trees on the opposite side of the lake suddenly lit up, and not one but two full rainbows appeared! We had no idea that when a double rainbow appears, the colours in the two bands appear opposite to each other.

As darkness falls, we are listening to the rain falling outside, and are very glad to be inside the nice, cozy, warm cabin.

See you on the trail!

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  1. Really enjoying following your progress, Gros Morne is truly remarkable. If you have the motivation and energy definitely try out the James Callaghan Trail for that classic Fjord view.


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