Thursday, July 4, 2019

Gros Morne - Day 4

When we woke up this morning it was raining and cold. Not much changed over the course of the day, but through the kindness of others we managed to have an interesting and productive day nonetheless.

We managed to boil water for oatmeal and coffee, which was no mean feat using soaking wet wood in a downpour. Then we retreated to the tent to do some blogging, posts, and emails. Around mid-morning one of the park staff dropped off her car for us to use today. Her team has been trying to head out to do some bird and vegetation surveys in the more remote parts of the park for a few days, but the crummy weather has grounded the helicopter. Today they had another window, but as it turned out, no improvement in the weather meant putting it off another day.

We took advantage of our situation to head back in to Rocky Harbour for some much needed supplies. We also had a hot coffee and a warm apple blossom to ward off the dampness and chill. The view of the mist shrouded cliffs and slumps around the entrance to Bonne Bay were breathtaking, and gave the brightly coloured buildings of the harbour a soft and mysterious backdrop. This is a very peaceful and beautiful place, and we hope to return one day to explore it properly.

After our resupply we headed over to the Park Office, where we got a mini tour and were able to print off our presentation. We then headed over to the Visitor's Center to set up. It was really interesting to see the similarity between the Gros Morne Visitor Center and some of the other Park's Canada centers across the country. The grey cedar slats, angled roof with sky lights, and wooden deck out front made it feel a bit like coming home.

Due to the cold, rainy weather there weren't too many people visiting the center. We did have a group of around 15 engaged, enthusiastic, and attentive audience members attend our talk, including two children, both of whom had questions.

After the presentation the parks staff generously gave us a ride back to the campground. We spent the rest of our evening hanging out with other campers in the shelter of the kitchen, which has two large woodburning stoves, two sinks, some tables, and Wifi access. This park has some of the best amenities of any National Park we've visited so far, including extremely hot showers.

Although it is still raining hard outside, and the temperature is again falling, it was another good evening spent under a roof, sitting at a picnic table beside a warm fire, in good company.

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