Monday, July 1, 2019

Open Letter to the Poltical and Business Leaders of Canada

Dear Candidates,

Happy Canada Day!

As we celebrate Canada's birthday, we are asking you to make conservation of vital ecozones such as the Boreal forest, protection of our natural heritage for future generations, and finding solutions for sustainable use of our natural resources real priorities for the next government of Canada, at all levels.

Our passion for preserving and protecting this vast, diverse, and amazing country of ours led us to sell our house and suspend our careers to hike for 3 years and over 24,000 km through 15,000 communities across Canada on the Great Trail to inspire youth to get outside, engage with nature, become active participants in Citizen Science initiatives, develop a passion for protecting birds and other wildlife, and recognize the importance of conserving essential habitats like the Boreal forest. We hope to encourage people of all ages, backgrounds, faiths and identities to recognize the beauty and value of the natural spaces in our own backyards, communities, and across Canada, and to take pride in preserving our wild spaces. Whether they are urban city dwellers, reside in a rural town, or are part of an Aboriginal or northern community the matter of protecting our native species and spaces is important.

We are not looking for government solutions, but for political leadership. In our conversations in diners, coffee shops, and on the trail we've discovered that our passion is not unique. It is shared by regular Canadians, many of whom are already dedicated volunteers who donate their time, energy, and money to helping protect our natural and cultural resources. We would like to inspire more people to join the ranks of Canada's amazing volunteers, and become part of the solution for a sustainable future. We are in this together, and together we can make a difference.
Nature and wilderness are part of our national heritage and identity. Loons, beavers, moose, northern lights, and the maple leaf appear on our flags, currency, stamps, and in the emblems of our sports teams. Natural resources played an important role in the creation of this country, and still support our economy. As climate change threatens the north, and all the systems farther south that rely on it for clean air and clean water, it is time to let nature unite us. We have a great opportunity, and a great responsibility to stand up and fight for the amazing places and experiences that are part of Canada. This will make a difference not just to Canada and North America, but to the world.
We recognize this is not a small thing we are asking, or an easy one. Neither is walking 24,000 km for a cause you believe in. You set a goal, and you start putting one foot in front of the other until you get there. That is how you walk the walk of environmentalism. Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee. The question for our future leaders is, will you?

We respectfully invite you to #comewalkwithus for a few kilometers on our #hike4birds along Canada's Great Trail.

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