Friday, July 19, 2019

Wisdom from the Trail : Newfoundland

As we hike along The Great Trail we have the privilege to meet with, walk with, and talk with so many different people.  Most people are just humble passers by who chat for a little, walk about birds some and then continue on with their day.  Yet with each encounter we find that we learn something or gain a piece of advise that sticks with us.  As such we began writing down some of the things that people told us along the way and thought that we would pass on their words of wisdom for others to enjoy and think about too!

  1. Everyone has a cell phone these day takin pictures of themselves, but never takin pictures of the ones they love
  1. Everyone has a cell phone these days but no one calls their ma or their pa or their gran.  What is the point of everyone havin a phone on them if they don’t call family or talk to the people they love?

  1. Most people spend up all their youth trying to find a way to afford to leave this place and then they spend the rest of their life trying to find a way to afford to come back.
  1. Everyone here is, I don’t know kinda ashamed of being from here.  They all telling their kids go into the city or go to Ontario er Alberta to get schooling and a job.  They don’t stop and look around and see that peoples is paying thousands to visit here and eat like us and walk on our trails so that must mean there is something special here to stick around for we need to develop that.

  1. People now a days never see what is in front of er own face.

  1. I could never live in the countryside or out of town, nothin going on there
  1. I could never live in town or inside the beltway, just schedules and attitude there
  1. Lots of people will chat yer ear off and give you advice, and that's good, none of us knows everything.  But before you listen to them, make sure you know what you know or you won’t know what to think.
  1. There is no bad weather, just poorly dressed people.  

  1. When you can get Partridge berry, fresh Partridge berry jam, not any of that big store stuff.  Partridge berries are from the land and best for you.  Only have it, not those horrid store preserves.
  1. I am doing well, I’m healthy, can afford my cigs and a pint, we ain’t flooding and we ain’t on fire.  So everything is well here...

  1.  At the very least, at the very very least, you can be a good person in this world if each day you just do one thing to help someone out.  Make their day easier or life better.  Little changes, little changes help with everything else. That is how I live my life, just making sure each day I do one thing to make someone else happier. 

  1. We had a sick kid here a few years back and everyone wanted to help but no one was doing anything, until we held a campaign which ticked everyone off.   See what I am saying here is to help anyone and change anything, you’re going have to piss a lot of people off to get them to notice and stand up.  It ain’t easy, but you’ll have to stand in the wind and rile things up a bit.  You can do it.

  1. Everyone is rushing off around here.  They get off the Ferry and rush to Corner Brook or Gros Morne or St. John’s.  But there are places that are just as beautiful in betweens those spots.  We want people to slow down, look around them, and enjoy the spaces in between the places.                                                                                                    

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