Monday, July 15, 2019

North of South Branch to Grand Codroy RV Campground

Last night it rained, so the world was blissfully cool and overcast when I crawled out of the tent at 6:30 am. It was also covered in slugs - lots and lots of slugs, in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Compared to yesterday, it was a quiet bird day, with only a pair of Yellow Warblers hanging out near the campsite, inquisitively looking into the tent and occasionally yelling into the opening.

Much of the walk today was on a track bordered by alder shrubs that were beginning to overgrow the trail. As the day progressed the mountains in the distance became closer, began to take on shape and colour, and to show off their remaining patches of snow.

As we hiked we really enjoyed the yellow, pink, purple, orange, and white wildflowers growing along the edges of the trail. It can be easy to take these things for granted, but when you stop to look, you begin to notice all kinds of other things, like many-coloured bees, iridescent beetles, and pollinating ants. Nature really is a beautiful a system.

Other highlights from today's hike included several very beautiful small ponds, many sporting Monet type lily pads, purple irises, and wonderful reflections.


At one of these ponds we stopped to watch a family Canada Geese. Suddenly all kinds of other birds appeared, including a pair of Black-and-white Warblers, a Yellow Warbler, and an extremely vocal Yellow - bellied Flycatcher. It was very entertaining to watch as he threw back his head, thrust his chest forward, opened his bill and let loose a mighty call from atop the highest branch he could find.

We also crossed several trestle bridges beside some very beautiful and mesmerizing waterfalls. One of them resembled a staircase, with the water cascading gently down each riser.

The rivers these enticing waterfalls flowed into were wide, shallow, and rocky, similar to the salmon rivers we've been crossing the past few days. We spotted a few fly fishermen working their craft, trying to outwit the salmon along many of these ancient river beds.

At the edge of one of these rivers, on a pathway down to someone's favorite fishing spot, we came across another great example of rock art.

Although today was another steady climb, the overcast skies and lower temperatures made it seem easier than yesterday. Also, we planned to stay at the Grand Codroy RV and Campground tonight, so we had a shower and laundry to look forward to.

On the way to the park we made a small detour to a convenience store, hoping to resupply on breakfast food. We ended up with bread and jam instead, which will make for a nice change, and we splurged on iced tea and ice cream as well.

When we arrived at the campground we found a lovely park with very friendly and helpful staff. We set our tent up in a nice grassy, treed site, just before it started to rain. Then we had long, warm, heavenly, showers. Oh to be clean! As the rain pours down outside we are sitting (in actual chairs!) under a a nice roof in the Friends Cabin. We are both very tired, so we have decided to stay here two nights and take tomorrow off. It seems like a wonderful place to do that in!

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